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Mortgage Rates

Find The Best Mortgage Rate for Canadians

Tips To Find The Best Rates Mortgage Canada

Definition: In simple terms, a mortgage is the conditional transfer of interest in any property (mainly real estate) from the owner to the lender. On the fulfillment of the expressly stated condition, the mortgage is returned to the owner. If you want to buy real estate and do not have the funds for the same, you can avail of the loan from the lenders against the mortgage of the same property. It is customary to register the title of the hypothecated property with a government office so as to make it a public document. The buyers of the property use this record to check whether it is hypothecated or not. Thus, helping you achieve getting the best rates mortgage Canada.

Parties To The Mortgage:

  1. The Mortgage Lender: The lender is the individual or entity who accepts mortgage and provides the finance. Usually, it is a bank or a finance company. They, in turn, sell the same in the secondary market and earn what is called the Service Release Premium.
  2. The Borrower: He is the debtor who shall meet the conditions underlying a mortgage.
  3. Conveyancer: Also called lawyer or solicitor, he might be required by both the parties in case of any dispute.
  4. Mortgage broker: He counsels the borrower on the various aspects of mortgage like the type of mortgage, the best rates mortgage Canada, rules and regulations of lenders, etc.


Types Of Mortgages In Canada:

  1. Pre-Approved Mortgage
    This helps you know beforehand how much loan you can take on the basis of your income. So, you can look for a home accordingly.
  2. Open Mortgage
    It allows you to make partial or complete payment at any time with no penalties. These are of maximum one-year duration and carry a relatively higher interest rate.
  3. Adjustable Rate Mortgages ( ARM)
    In these, the mortgage rates vary according to the prime lending rates. Your total interest payments may not change. Rather, adjustments are made in the setting off of interest and principal parts of the interest as rates change. Their rates are linked to indexes like LIBOR and Bank Bill Swap Rates.
  4. Capped Rate Mortgage
    In these, the lenders put an upper limit to the variable rates above which interest is not charged. You are required to pay penalty on full one time repayment.
  5. Closed or Fixed Rate Mortgage
    These are the most popular. You can choose a lock-in period varying from 3 months to 25 years within which the mortgage rates are not going to change. Their rates depend on the trading of mortgage backed securities in the secondary market.
  6. Reverse Mortgage
    It allows homeowners of at least 62 years of age to use their homes for cash, without selling the same or making monthly payments. Usually, 10% to 40% of the appraised value is provided. The interest keeps on accruing and it shall be paid with the principal either on the death of the owner or on the sale of the property. This may result in removing any inheritance for the owner’s heirs. The Canadian Home Income Plan provides reverse mortgage in Canada.

How To Find The Best Mortgage Rates in Canada?

To get the best mortgage rates you can do the following:

  1. Approach a nearby broker: You can inform the broker about your income levels and your requirements. Since they have the experience of working with most lenders, they can guide you on their rates and respective policies. The information gathered shall be cross-checked with other sources.
  2. Referrals: You can certainly ask your friends, family and companions about who provides the best mortgage rates with customer-friendly policies.
  3. Internet: Many online internet sites provide comparative data on the current, real-time mortgage rates being offered in Canada by the various institutions. The blogs can also help you know where the loan customers faced most of the problems. Online rate calculators can help you in deciding your monthly payment and the term and the quantum of your loan.
  4. Ask the lender directly: You can directly approach the finance company or the banks and ask them their best rates of mortgage Canada. Only some banks in Canada will tell you their best rates upfront. Usually, banks hold that their posted rate is the best.

Are Best Mortgage Rates Sufficient Criteria?

Since the best mortgage rates in Canada are mostly be opted for, some other factors shall be considered as well. These could be:

  1. Who charges low prepayment penalties?
  2. Cash back provisions
  3. Portability
  4. Extent of flexibility in case of non-payment of monthly installment

So, do take your time in enquiring the best deals on offer for mortgage.

Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Term Rate  
1 year2.89%
2 year2.19%
3 year2.19%
4 year2.79%
5 year3.20%
7 year3.79%
10 year4.39%

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