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Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates

Current Canadian Mortgage Rates

(With last date of rate change)

Rates (%)


Rates (%)

Last Date
of Change
Variable   2.10 SEP 28, 2016
6 month 4.00 3.95 SEP 28, 2016
1 year 3.09 2.29 SEP 28, 2016
2 3.04 2.24 SEP 28, 2016
3 3.75 2.39 SEP 28, 2016
4 4.64 2.44 SEP 28, 2016
5 4.99 2.34 SEP 28, 2016
7 6.15 3.44 SEP 28, 2016
10 6.75 3.84 SEP 28, 2016
15 9.25 n/a SEP 28, 2016
18 9.25 n/a SEP 28, 2016
25 9.35 n/a SEP 28, 2016
HELOC 3.50 0.50 SEP 28, 2016

***All rates are subjected to change without notice*** O.A.C


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Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Term Rate  
1 year5.00%
2 year8.00%
3 year2.19%
4 year2.79%
5 year3.20%
7 year3.79%
10 year4.39%

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