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Syndicate Advantage

Transparent Payroll and Compliance

Receive transparent commission statements with commissions paid into your account on a weekly-basis. We take care of all your compliance needs and day-to-day administrative activities so you can focus on increasing your productivity.

Syndicate Intranet System

We provide all agents/brokers access to our intranet system. You will be able to manage accounting and payroll, agent splits, sales reports, client tracking and much more.

Personal Website and Email

We provide the most comprehensive line of mortgage website designs and online products in the market. Each website is catered to our agents/brokers with features such as Lead Manager, Mortgage Calculators, Online Application Forms, Updatable Rate Sheet, Rate Alert Feature, Compatible Application with Filogix, Built-in Blog, News and RSS Feed and much more.  Tools that will exceed even your expectations!

Client Care Package

Stay in touch with your clients and expand your business through referrals. Our Client Relationship Program is the complete Contact Management plan. This plan includes Fall and Spring Newsletters, in addition to Referral, Refinance, Renewal and Thank you letters. This will put you in the forefront of all your clients’ minds.

In- house Underwriting Services

Need a break but don’t want your business to suffer? Syndicate Mortgages provides full underwriting services you can rely on to close your pending deals.

Syndicate Marketing and IT department

Business card templates, stationeries, rate sheets and company logos are all provided free of charge. Customized Syndicate Mortgages folders, postcards, signage, flyers and brochures are only some of the marketing material we offer at a discounted price. Invest a little, receive a whole lot more.

Syndicate Support and Lead Generation Program

Recruitment support, live help-desk support, support on storefront appearance and a comprehensive business plan on how to generate in-bound calls and much more. Let others help your business.

Mortgage Analysis

Increase your closing ratio and generate a much greater volume on refinances by using the Syndicate Mortgages Analysis tool.

Lender Connectivity

Our partnerships provide you with up-to-date rate and product information from lenders. Real time case tracking ensures you will always know the status of pending deals in real time. Not having to wait means always moving forward. Approvals can be received through the system or via email. The system can also be set up to assist you in determining which lender is the most appropriate for any mortgage application.

Document Management

Built-in document management capabilities can reduce dependency on paper files. Scanned emailed documents can be attached directly with the file allowing you to retrieve and view it at any time.

Task Management

Real time event reminders ensures that you will always be aware of what needs to be done and when, keeping you on top of important deadlines and events.

Lender Relationships

When you join Syndicate Mortgages you will automatically have access to top industry lenders and receive top-tier Volume Bonuses. Combine that with elevated service levels and value-added programs and you will generate more income with the same amount of effort!

Industry-Leading Splits

You prospect all your business, so why not earn the compensation that you deserve? That’s why we believe that our mortgage agents/brokers should receive an industry-leading split of 100%.

New Broker/Agent

We’ll help make the transfer as smooth as possible. Business cards, website creation and transfer of necessary files can be done in a short amount of time so you can be on your way to success with Syndicate Mortgages.

Broker Opportunity

Starting from day one you have the opportunity grow your business.

For a rewarding career, join our winning team. You’ll be glad you did.

Submit your info to the particulars below. Tell us about yourself and we will surely contact you as soon as possible.

Syndicate Mortgages Inc.

8920 Woodbine Ave.
Markham, Ontario – L3R 9W9, Canada

Contact: Toll Free: 1 (888) 646-1062
Fax: (416)-646-1065

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Mortgage Term Rate  
1 year2.89%
2 year2.19%
3 year2.19%
4 year2.79%
5 year3.20%
7 year3.79%
10 year4.39%

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