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Home Buyers Guide To Prime Mortgage Rate Canada


Buying a new house can be a nerve wrecking experience. As a first time buyer, you have to deal with several aspects of home buying. Indeed, the hunt can be really taxing and tedious. However, if you know what goes into a good property deal, it will be easier to sail through this phase. With the right kind of loan and finance options, you will not be far from your dream home. Though house hunting is a difficult task, half of the burden is taken off when you get the best mortgage service provider. Prime mortgage rate Canada offers exclusive interest rates to its favored customers so get your hands on such a service provider and you will be happy and peaceful for years. Home loans are a long term financial obligation, and it can be quite a burden throughout your life. The decisions that you take now will determine your happiness quotient in the later years of your life. It is important to evaluate all the pros and cons of home loans to avoid debt trap in future. Calculate your home requirement, since this is the first step toward home buying. Often buyers commit the mistake of purchasing a huge property. It is important to ask yourself “How much of a home can I afford”. You may want to buy a king sized apartment but can you afford such high interest of prime mortgage rate Canada. You must ask this important question yourself before going ahead with a property deal. Your desire for a bigger home can be met later; you can upgrade your house after few years once you have settled in your career. However, investing in a huge apartment when your career is in an inchoate stage is quite dangerous. We recommend you to check which mortgage is right for you and how much debt you would be able to afford in long-run. There are experts who can advice you on this aspect; however, you can consult a licensed mortgage specialist.

First Time Home Buyer

You will certainly have several anxieties regarding the new home. We shall throw light on the aspect of mortgage. It is important for you to choose the right mortgage, and there are some basic features that you must consider or evaluate before you begin home shopping.

High ratio – Under this type of prime mortgage rate Canada, 80% of the finance is available through loan and the remaining 20% needs to be paid by cash.

Fixed rate – As the name suggests, the interest rate will be fixed and it will not change throughout the loan term. This means the economic conditions like inflation will not affect your interest or loan amount.

Variable rate – With a variable rate, you can expect the interest rate to change every month.

Short- and long-term rate – Short-term mortgage would mean that the loan is offered for a shorter duration. This kind of loan will attract lower interest rate. A long-term rate would mean that the prime mortgage rate Canada is for a longer duration may be spread over 10 years or more.

Another type of loan is open and closed mortgage. The former one is of a very short duration. It allows the borrower to settle the loan without any pre-closure charges or penalty. The later one is for a specific term and pre-closure would attract additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of my credit report?

Your credit report is used to establish the past credit history. The company that offers you a loan would like to know how you have handled credit obligations in the past. The past record will determine your future credit worthiness. The lenders, i.e., prime mortgage rate Canada want to be sure before approving the loan.

  • What documents are required for application of loan?

Some documents would be required to establish your identity and authenticity. Here is a list of the details that are required for availing a home loan. You have to submit your pay stubs for the last few months, your social security number, W-2 forms, bank statement, Federal tax returns, current debts like car loans, student loans, credit card dues, etc. The lender before proceeding with the loan approval will scrutinize this information.

Can I get tax deduction for the cost involved in prime mortgage rate Canada?

Yes, there are three types of mortgage costs, which may be tax deductible. However, your tax advisor will be able to assist you on this aspect.

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