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Ontario Simcoe – Hit The Nature Trails


The Simcoe County is primarily famous for its pinewood forests. The region’s history is tied with that of these forests. The first settlers who arrived here in the 1820s cleared vast tracts of forests for agriculture and other activities. Others felled trees for timber and wood. So much so that the dense pine forests soon gave way to level fields, with just about a few copses of trees remaining. Exactly 100 years after the first settlers arrived, Simcoe went on overdrive to replenish her forests. Today, this country has some of the best forest land in Canada.

Ontario Simcoe is connected to other cities in Canada through 820 kilometers of highways. Public welfare is a vital priority, with the government focusing on housing, education, and health. Health and child welfare services are also offered to all residents.

Visitors can stay in star hotels and homey inns, and they can also camp out if the weather is fine. Many people prefer to rent cottages or woodland cabins to temper their need for solitude amid the lap of nature with modern amenities and shelter from inclement weather.

Places To See

Museums in Ontario Simcoe are one of the best places to visit if you want to know more about the history and culture of this place. Start your tour with the Simcoe County Museum, where staff in traditional costumes regales you with old stories about this place. The Penetanquishene Museum offers glimpses into the life of the oldest inhabitants of the region – the Native American tribes. The Huronia Village is an authentic reconstruction of Simcoe as it was in the days before the earliest European settlement.

The place is also replete with old and new theaters, such as the Blue Mountain, Purple Hills, Collingwood, and King’s Wharf, where you can watch plays, musicals, and dramas. Neither has art been forgotten; the Coldwater, Purple Hill, Georgian Bay, Cookstown, and Gibson Center are just some of the studios, art galleries, and performance venues associated with Ontario Simcoe.

The Huronia region is big on conservation because of the delicate ecosystem of evergreen forests, rivers, marshes, and hills in the area. The Huronia Lookout offers a sweeping view of the region, containing the Blue Mountain, Lake Algonquin, Niagara, and Oro Ridge.

Things To Do

Ontario Simcoe is a nature lover’s paradise. There are plenty of nature trails to be explored. You can make the journey on foot or hire a bicycle. The Tiny Trail, for example, passes through varying landscapes – farmlands, hills, and woods. The Wye River is one of the chief attractions here, and the area is a bird watcher’s delight. Don’t forget to visit the Wye Marsh Wildlife Center to understand more about this living, alive habitat. The Elmvale Zoo is another place where you get to see nature up close.

Water sports are popular as the lakes and the nearby ocean shore provide plenty of opportunity for fishing, waterskiing, and sailing. Still not satisfied? Try skydiving. Not only will it get the adrenaline pumping, you will be treated to a bird’s eye view of the area.

Winter sports are one of the major tourist attractions at Ontario Simcoe. Snowmobiling has become big in recent years, though traditionalists maintain that nothing beats snowshoeing and skiing in the amount of stamina and skill required.

Popular nightspots include the Casino Rama and the Georgian Downs race course and game center. These areas don’t just offer gambling facilities though. Rama, for example, has over 190,000 square feet of area and houses a 2,000-capcacity car park. The St. Germain, Willow, and Lombardi are three of the major restaurants on the premises, apart from the lounge bars, spas, gyms, swimming pool, and even a hotel.

Shopping is one of the most pleasurable activities you can indulge in when on Ontario Simcoe. Your choices are not limited to strip malls. The Cookstown Antique Market sells – you guessed it – antiques of every shape and hue. You can take away ornate tables, graceful linens and laces, fine old tableware, and other archaic items.


The Ontario Simcoe offers the visitor a chance to savor its finest culinary traditions through its classy restaurants and homey eating houses. The Casino Rama has no less than 10 on-site restaurants. East Side Mario’s and Mad Michael’s BBQ have an informal, friendly atmosphere. The Beacon is a restaurant plus entertainment center, where you can finish off a meal of seafood and steak with karaoke and live band music.

Primarily known for its lush forests, the Ontario Simcoe area is also a place replete with history, pulsating nightlife, sport venues, and shopping surprises tucked away in small streets and even old barns.

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