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Hiring A Mortgage Broker


Hiring a Ontario Mortgage Broker can save you a great deal of time and money, but where to begin?? Mortgages are more important these days than ever before. After the amazing crash of the property market throughout most of the western world, getting the best deal on your mortgage rate has become more complicated. Many companies are offering new deals, differing rates and these all vary from bank to bank. Trying to make head or tail of it alone can be difficult.

The Internet Is Your Friend

When trying to decide upon which mortgage is best for you, the Internet is perhaps your greatest friend. It has revolutionized the way in which we find out information. In the past you would be at the mercy of what the financial institutions chose to tell you, and hope that you had an honest Bank Manager. Now with a few strokes of a key, you can compare what all the banks are offering. Which rates are best, what special deals they are offering, and how long you are going to be tied into a set deal.

The Internet is not only used for finding out facts and figures however. It can also be used to discover peoples’ opinions and experiences with all the banks. You can find out how their customer service truly is, how helpful they are when things are difficult and whether or not they keep their advertising promises. All this information at your disposal puts you in a better position when trying to decide which mortgage deal is best for you but it can be overwhelming.

The Internet contains information not just for one province, nor one country, but for the world. It is difficult unless you know what you are doing to find reliable sources for information and proper research may take a great deal of time to complete. It is for this reason that people are still turning to Ontario Mortgage Brokers to help them when it comes to finding the best deal.

What Does The Broker Do?

A Ontario mortgage broker is different from a loan office in one major respect. The load officer works for the mortgage company and has their best interests at heart. A Ontario mortgage broker is independent and so has your best interests in mind. You may be thinking that buying a home, paying a mortgage, and dealing with everyday expenses is enough, and you can’t afford to pay another person to do work that you can do yourself. If you are, then relax. A Ontario mortgage broker will usually charge no fee for helping you find a residential mortgage. This is because they will be compensated by the company that you choose to take out your mortgage with. If it is a commercial mortgage you are applying for, then they may charge you for their services.

It is the job of the Ontario mortgage broker to listen to your needs and wants and find the best deal. They will contact all the major institutions and find out what they are offering. What makes going through a mortgage broker so much better than doing it yourself is that they have access to a larger number of lenders. Many of whom will only deal with brokers rather than the public.

Bad Credit? A Broker Can Help

People with bad credit ratings often find it difficult to find any type of mortgage offered by one of the common institutions. By going through a mortgage broker, the number of companies increases exceptionally. The mortgage broker will have access to companies that specialize in offering mortgages to people with bad credit. To ensure that the mortgage broker is able to do their job, it is important to be completely honest with them as to your financial situation. That way they can act in the best manner to achieve the best deal for you.


When deciding on a mortgage broker, treat them as you would a company. Use the Internet to find reviews and options on the service that they offer. If you cannot find it online, ask the broker for some references. Most will be more than willing to offer you some references, and if they aren’t consider finding another broker.

Another factor to consider when going with a broker is that Canada is a large place. The practices of banks may change from Province to Province. By hiring a local broker, you ensure that they are familiar with the practices of the local institutions. Whoever you get to represent you in finding a mortgage, always be sure to read the agreement yourself. After all it is you who will be bound into the mortgage and not the broker.

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