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Ontario Milton – Travel And Living


Ontario Milton is a family friendly destination, welcoming visitors as well as prospective residents. This city is located 37 miles from Toronto. It lies close to the U.S.-Canada border, which makes this city a great tourist attraction for the visitors from both sides of the border.

This close-knit community offers a great environment to bring up kids because of its low crime rate, good schools, and many youth-oriented programs. Milton offers superb business and educational facilities as well. Transportation on the 430 kilometers of road networks is easy and facilitates speedy travel. The administration is careful about protection of the environment. Part of their efforts includes maintaining reservoirs and protection of the city’s plentiful green spaces, which are the lungs of the city.

Nor are business and economy neglected. The BIA, or Business Improvement Area, was established by the local government to support trade and industry growth in the region. Not only that, the Ontario Milton government also supports land development and has a role in the maintenance of buildings and other infrastructure within the BIA.

A Look Back

Ontario Milton was first settled by a miller by the name of Jasper Martin, in 1821. Martin was an enterprising man and built an artificial water reservoir to power this mill. Soon, other settlers arrived here, and the place was known as Martin’s Mill. The population of the settlement grew through the 19th century, adding a post office, a general provision shop, and a stopover on the rail line. Construction was at its peak as the railway was expanded to include nearby areas. The community felt the need for a proper name as befitted an urban center, rather than Martin’s Mills. Thus, they adopted the name Milton, after the famous poet John Milton.


Downtown Milton is known for its picture postcard locales. The Springridge Farm is a real farmstead where you get to meet horses, cattle, ranchers, and of course, farmers. Not very far from this farm is the orchard of Chuddleys. The Country Heritage Park is one of the major attractions, the same way as it is the Kelso Conservation area. Then, 50 miles from Milton is a zoo where animals are not put in cages, recreating the feel of an African safari. People who are fond of old monuments or have a penchant for history can visit the old leather processing factory.


You can never run out of things to do at Ontario Milton. There are plenty of activities for those who love the outdoors. Hit the nature trails to get that much needed breath of fresh air, away from noisy city crowds. You can either hike or bicycle down these trails. Guided tours are available, though there is nothing to stop the intrepid explorer from discovering the charms of these green areas alone or in company of their friends, family, or a map.

Community-oriented activities are a chance for the entire family to let their hair down and have fun to the fullest. You can participate in the hunt for Easter Eggs, the Milton Street Festival, or the Tiny Tots Parade with kids. The Farmer’s Market, which lasts a few months, is a chance to get in touch with the rural side of this charming semi-urban region. Autumn is the time for the Fall Fair, while winter ushers in the Caroller’s Cup tournaments.

The city has many wide fields for soccer and baseball lovers. Families can often be spotted enjoying a day at the skating rinks, swimming pools, and tennis courts. The beach is a fine location for impromptu volleyball matches.

While winters in Ontario Milton can be rough (homes often get snowed in), it also allows lovers of winter sports a chance to indulge in snowboarding, skiing, and sledging. People who cannot leave their pets behind when vacationing will enjoy the leash free park in the city.

Shopping is another popular activity. The city has seen many malls come up in recent times, and the local mom and pop store is no longer the only place to buy groceries (though that has its own charm!).


Ontario Milton’s most famous restaurant is the Grand Chalet, which also serves as a banquet venue. Troy’ Diner is a homier venue, which serves traditional favorites such as cheese and bacon sandwiches, soup, and Caesar salads. It also features substantial breakfast and dinner menus. Harrop is a restaurant and art gallery, so you can combine your love for gastronomy with your enthusiasm for art. Seafood lovers should not miss dining at the Arthur Teachers Grill. If you like simple, informal meals or are looking for a snack to keep you full until the next meal, head to Golden Fish & Chips.

Ontario Milton is located 100 miles away from Niagara Falls. Its location, scenic beauty, safe environment, and warm, friendly people make this town an ideal weekend destination.

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