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Ontario Collingwood – The Perfect Weekend Destination


Collingwood, Ontario, is a quiet area known for its old style villas and museums, as also its picturesque locales. This semi urban seaside region is perfect for families, the elderly, or people who want to live away from the big city noise and chaos, but not its amenities. Many of the buildings in this district are heritage properties. Collingwood also offers good urban convenience to the residents – programs aimed at young people, sustainable development, education opportunities, and a lot more.

For people who want to start a business in the area, Collingwood offers support in form of grants, assistance, and mentorship. The Greater Collingwood Small Business Enterprise Center, for example, has been built to support entrepreneurs. The Economic Stability & Development Services Board also facilitates easy transition from employee to entrepreneur.

If you are not a permanent resident, Ontario Collingwood still has a lot to offer. You can visit the old monuments, look at the remains of the old industrial constructions, and trek through the abundant nature trails in the region. Ontario Collingwood is a fabulous destination for those who want a short vacation.


Ontario Collingwood has more than 60 kilometers of nature trails crisscrossing the region. These offer the visitor a chance to explore the outdoors without having to rough it out in the wilderness. You can hike or bicycle down these roads and pathways. In winter, skiing is a popular activity. Some of the more adventurous tourists and residents try snowmobiling. Horseback riding at the Blue wood Stables is also a popular weekend activity.


The area is replete with old world charm. The Ontario Collingwood harbor, once an important part of the region’s trade and economy, is today a quiet seaside destination popular with picnickers and holiday makers. The harbor is the site of many a maritime disaster – facilitated in part by the dangerous rocks and heavy boat traffic in the region. The harbor was also located strategically on the new railroad, increasing its importance to trade manifold.

Don’t leave without visiting the old homesteads, now converted into educational institutions and shopping plazas. The Third Street is home to some of the oldest buildings in the district. The current Ski Academy, Christopher’s Restaurant, and the bed-and-breakfast are housed in what were once old residences and stately mansions dating back to the 1880s.

The Old Lighthouse is one of the most notable landmarks of this region. It was built in the mid-19th century on a tiny island, a little way off from the mainland. This lighthouse would shine its beacon for miles around during storms to guide ships home. Even calm weather was not without its dangers – the rocks that jutted out from the shallow bottom, barely visible in the dark, had caused many a boating disaster. As many disasters were prevented by this lighthouse and the presence of the dedicated keepers who tended to the lamp day and night. The lighthouse was decommissioned in the 1970s.


The biggest event on Ontario Collingwood entertainment calendar is the Elvis Festival, a tribute to the grand rock ‘n’ roll legend. Lasting four days, this event is generally held in the month of June, which is probably the best time to visit this area. Art lovers can visit the Blue Mountain Foundation to look at the exhibitions. The Blue Mountain also offers sports lovers to try go carting or golfing. If visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was your childhood dream, you can now make it come true by touring the Candy Factory.


From fast food to proper sit-down meals, there is no dearth of options when it comes to eating out. The Admiral’s Post pub is a fixture on the town’s landscape. This pub is a hospitable family run affair and offers, along with the lager and the mandatory fish and chips, the biggest television screen for sports fans who like to collect here and down a few pints as they cheer their favorite team on.

The Café Chartreuse has an up market ambiance – European cuisines, delicate baked goodies, specially brewed coffee. “Fairways” is another popular dining area. This place offers more than food – you can play golf, dance, race go carts, listen to rock music, and play video games here. An unusual store is the Dags & Willow, where you can order from among a range of cheeses of all colors, shapes, and flavors. Collingwood may not boast the multicuisine restaurants of bigger cities, but it does have its own Chinese restaurant; the Bamboo Terrace offers sit-down as well as takeout meals.

Ontario Collingwood has something for everyone, be they adventure or sport enthusiast, museum or art lovers, or just incorrigible gourmands.

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