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Reverse Mortgages for Seniors


Even senior citizens can take advantage of Toronto mortgage rates. However saving up for a mortgage takes time. Potential homeowners usually have to save up for a long time for this to be possible. This is why most citizens use home income plans to take advantage of the equity of their home.

What is a Home Reverse Mortgage?

A home reverse mortgage is a special type of mortgage that is part of a home income plan. They are specifically designed for senior citizens or homeowners who are over the age of 55. Unlike traditional mortgages these types of mortgages do not require you to make regular payments. Instead home reverse mortgages pay you from your home’s equity. It is easy to see why such an option would be beneficial for a senior citizen since it will allow him/her to receive cash for any living expenses without having to sell a home.

What are the Advantages?

Reverse mortgages are designed to make senior citizens make the most of their golden years especially when it comes to Toronto mortgage rates. For one, it allows people to carry a reverse mortgage for 25 years and more without having to make monthly mortgage payments.

Some of the many benefits associated with it include –

Tax Free Cash Payments

The money that a senior citizen borrows for a home reverse mortgage is a source of income that is free from tax.

No Interest Payments

A senior citizen can choose to make monthly interest payments. However, most homeowners choose to pay the mortgage back when they sell their home. 

Flexible Income Options

A senior citizen can opt to pay a reverse home mortgage in the form of a single lump sum. It can also be paid over intervals in order to guarantee a regular source of income.

Whatever the case may be, a Canadian reverse mortgage lender will guarantee that a loan will never be more than the fair market value of a home in question. This is enough for any senior citizen to look up Toronto mortgage rates.

The loans that are allowed in reverse mortgages vary according to the value of your home, its location and as you age. The maximum loan allowed comes up to $750,000 while the minimum amount is $20,000. Plus the reverse mortgages do not affect any Supplement government or old age benefits that you may be receiving either. You also get to keep the home in your name just like in every other type of mortgage. In fact you will even have the chance to transfer your particular mortgage into a new property if you want to. 

Entering into a reverse mortgage is a convenient option for seniors especially for those who need their home’s equity without having to worry about their debt exceeding the amount of the value of their home. The fact that reverse mortgages do not require any monthly payments is another reason why a lot of senior citizens in Canada are considering such payment plans for home loans.

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