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Should you Buy or Rent a Home?
With the current mortgage rates sweeping down to record lows, a lot of experts agree that now is the best time to buy a home in Canada. However, the fact remains that buying a home is a major responsibility on its own an...
New Changes in CMHC - What Should Home Owners Expect?
If rumors are to be believed, the Canada mortgage market is yet to undergo another major change in the coming few months. Financial budgets all over the world are seeing a major change, and though the Canada housing mark...
What Causes a Change in Mortgage Rates?
When you are thinking about buying your own home in Canada, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the mortgage rate and how will it affect your monthly budget. Even though the current mortgage rates are at their ...
The Two Main Reasons of Refinancing a Mortgage
Obtaining a Canada mortgage is your key into a secure future through an investment in real estate. Perhaps there is no feeling better than becoming the owner of your personal home, and now when the mortgage rates are at ...
Estimate The Costs Of Moving Out Before You Buy A New Home!
Buying a personal home is a delightfully welcome change in your life. Whether you are progressing from a life of rent to home ownership or are in the process of buying a second home, the level of anticipation and conside...
5 Mortgage Tips for Budget Savvy Buyers
In times like today, it is difficult to squeeze in your Canada mortgage payments in your budget and still make both ends meet. Though the mortgage rates are low and the housing market has never looked so good for buyers,...
Pros and Cons of Getting a HELOC
Everyone knows the obvious benefits of owning a home – you have a roof over your head that you can proudly call ‘your own’, you secure your future and retirement through a profitable real estate investm...
Mortgage Insurance – Do You Really Need it?
Whether or not you should get your Canada mortgage insured is a battle that rages on. While a lot of experts are all for the advantages of getting your mortgage secured, some do agree that getting a separate mortgage ins...
Top Mistakes Made By First Time Home Buyers and How to Avoid Them
Buying your first home is a major decision. Though it is often an overwhelming and excruciating process, it is the excitement of becoming the sole owner of a piece of land that makes more and more Canadians think of buyi...
Thinking of Joint Ownership? Keep These Mortgage Considerations in Mind!
Owning a home of your home in an economy like today can be a tough challenge, particularly for the younger crowd. From the mortgage rate considerations to the down payment – there is a lot that comes as a baggage w...
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