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About Us

Company Profile

Syndicate Mortgages Inc. is a leading Canadian national brokerage with access to a vast array of lending institutions across Canada. Syndicate Mortgages is dedicated to unite brokers nationwide to establish a better growth and stability throughout the industry.  

Syndicate Mortgages provides centralized services in the areas of accounting, payroll, underwriting, compliance, marketing, technology, HR and a lead in generating potential customers through strategic planning and partnerships.  With unparallel compensation packages, Syndicate Mortgages is one of the newest and fastest growing brokerages in the industry.



Our Clients

Syndicate Mortgages is committed to providing our clients with professional advice and exceptional service while securing the best financing option to suit their individual needs. By having access to specific software created for our industry and our brokerage, we can determine a client’s individual situation and seek the best rate, product and lender within minutes! Thus, we measure our success through client satisfaction.

Our Employees

Syndicate Mortgages is committed to providing our employees a positive work experience and a results-oriented work environment. Our aim is to provide the necessary tools and resources our employees need to exceed client expectations and drive their own personal success. Our Employees work at the highest ethical standards within the mortgage industry, to provide clients accurate and valid information to help guide the consumer’s financial needs.


We place the highest priority on integrity, honesty and transparency. By doing so, the client’s needs are always at the forefront of our business. Everyone at Syndicate Mortgages is a member of, and adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards prescribed by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. Furthermore, we protect our client’s interest and private information. Please see our Privacy Policy for further detail.


Syndicate Mortgages began its operations in 2003 from a home basement located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The team started with Mortgage, Investment, and Banking professionals who have extensive experience in the financial sector. Since that time, Syndicate Mortgages has flourished into a successful corporation; With our head office located within Toronto’s busiest Metropolitan sector. Syndicate Mortgages also has 10 branch locations across Ontario, employing over 100 Mortgage Professionals. Today, it’s one of Ontario’s fasting growing Mortgage Brokerages constantly seeking for top mortgage professionals within the industry.
Syndicate Mortgages – Logo

A deeper look into understanding the purpose of our logo and the interest we have at heart for our clients.

In simple terms, it represents the strive for success, integrity and ethics. This is a mentality each employee has for our clients.

  • Golden Roof Top

It has several different meanings and points.

  • The pointed nose facing upwards – The strive to go up within the industry and to reach new heights.
  • Its shaped as a house – We are here to give Canadians a home to live in and to help achieve their dream.
  • It is separated in three different steps – Each representing the building blocks to achieve a successful company and foundation.
  • It also shows as a Generals (Army) badge – All Syndicate Mortgages Employees are loyal, trust worthy, team oriented, and driven to maximize the strength to manifest their clients desires.
  • It is in three different blocks – Each represent as per the following: Loyalty, Trustworthiness, and Ethics.
  • It is also gold in color because the first commodity was gold.
  • Background Color – Black,  and so is the space around us. Therefore, the sky is the limit.

The Word “Syndicate”

Understanding the real meaning behind it, and the business prospective. “Syndicate”,  its a team of devoted individuals of mortgage agents, bankers, etcetera, who work together on a large or small project. A syndicate only works together to achieve one goal. They are commonly used to  reduce the risk that each individual from must take on and underwrite efficiently and accordingly based on each situation.

Slogan “Simplifying the Dream”

Purchasing a home is the biggest purchase in many peoples life’s, and some work decades to achieve this dream. Our goal is to help achieve this dream earlier, and efficiently to help Simplify the Dream of Home Owner-ship.

Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Term Rate  
1 year5.00%
2 year8.00%
3 year2.19%
4 year2.79%
5 year3.20%
7 year3.79%
10 year4.39%

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